pibiCo & PILoT Projects
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Document control according to ISO 9001

Our document control system allows you to control multiple attributes of each deliverable. Don't worry about your manual lists anymore! With PibiCondocs (the librarian), we effectively control the life cycle of your deliverables.


Collaborative Cloud Archiving

Our library is a cloud-based file storage and management platform with real-time sharing and collaboration that complies with GDPR. It can be customized and expanded with add-ons and applications.


Integration of IoT devices.

Are you tired of having multiple applications to control your IoT devices? Would you like a centralized platform to customize and analyze information in real-time? PibiDesk is the private cloud solution you are looking for.


Employee activity control

Are you tired of manual records and independent systems for tracking work? PILoT and pibiWork offer you an integrated solution to control employee activity and devices in real-time.


Simple yet complete business management

Production control and business management can be complete without being difficult. With pibiGestor, ease of use is a constant, and we adapt it to the specific requirements of your business.


Custom environmental control meters

We bring environmental control to your business with custom meters for CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Presence, whether in LED screen with ads or on a monitor. You choose what, we choose how.


IoT Challenges of the AT-Virtual Project

The Maritime Safety Training Centers of Spain, Ireland, and Portugal have awarded pibiCo with the Open Innovation IoT assignments of the AT-Virtual Project to develop personalized messaging, improve small vessels, and create an array of environmental sensors.