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Web Applications
with IoT support

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Digitize yourself with PILoT from pibiCo



Our PILoT or Processes with Internet or Local Network of Things. An all-in-one product on a hardware and software platform that integrates highly customized web applications with data reception from IoT devices.

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All hardware components have been meticulously chosen: processor, memory, storage, connectivity, and power supply. Also, the software: operating system, libraries, and applications, all of them open source, seeking the greatest ease of use and adaptability.

We are proud to have finally combined all the components into a product that is prepared for the digital transformation of any business, after a lot of effort.

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PILoT Case

Digital Management Assistant

pibiGestor is our web application on PILoT, customizable according to the client's requirements. We bring technology to the client, adapting it to their needs. Forget about expensive and difficult-to-use programs, our assistant has everything needed for production control and business management.

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Collaborative and Private Cloud

If you need privacy with your data, controlled by you and with all the capacity for sharing and collaboration, we have the appropriate product, pibiDocs.

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